Premium All-matural


Derived from premium all-natural herbs. It is clinically proven by FDA and safe for use. Inspired by traditional herbal remedies, it's indeed 100% pure herbs and totally chemical free

Fast and Effective


Scent is pickup by the nose receptors which is then transmitted directly to the brain. Inhalation is the best & fastest way to stimulate the neurons in the body as compared to other methods such as absorption & ingestion.

Cool Mint scent

Unique COOL MINT scent

Embody with a modern aromatic blend of soothing cool mint scent that has this clean & balance composition. Its distinctive scent causes chemicals to be released in the body which makes the person feel calm, relaxed and improve concentration.

Aromatherapy on the go

Aromatherapy on the GO

The compact design makes it easy to carry along and use anytime you want. Simply twist the inhaler, inhale deeply the aromatic herbal scent and you are ready to continue whatever you left off with a refreshing start.