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New Experience Beyond The Dice

Move Backwards with Negative Numbers

Wish we could turn back time? Move backwards on the board when you roll a negative number. Extend your game and keep everyone on their toes wherever you end up!”

Stay in Place when Zeroed Out

Rolled a zero? Stay in place or skip your turn. Or use it to delay action in other board-games!

Accelerate Your Gameplay

DUO DiCE can be used on your favorite board games - and can speed them up. Use the D20 DUO DiCE to maximize your roll result.

Fun Exercises for Brain Training

DUO DiCE can also be use as stand-alone. Challenge the young mind with various DUO DiCE sets - use your set at Game Night with the kids and have them calculate each roll for hands-on learning. Or let your grandma exercise her brain in family game night...

Your Tabletop game experience will never be the same