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  • Zero Degree: Aromatic Herbal Inhaler is an all-natural, award-winning portable aromatherapy on the go that provides a refreshing & cool sensation to revitalize the body & mind. It is clinically proven by FDA and safe for use. Embody with a modern aromatic blend of soothing cool mint scent that has this clean & balance composition of Eucalyptus oil and also other exciting mixes of natural herbs to give the Zero Degree its distinctive scent that is totally unique.

    • Color: Grey
    • Dimension: 20 x 20 x 75 (mm).
    • Ingredients: Premium Herbal Extract
    • Contain: 2.5 g.

Anyone . Anytime . Anyplace

We designed Zero Degree with the intention of having it portable so as to benefit the user of carrying it anywhere. Portability is one of our priorities when designing the Zero Degree. We look into several situations and environments such as in a crowded bus, office spaces, intervals of gym time, or probably cycling at the park. How this aromatherapy on the go caters to the lifestyle of modern people.

Aromatherapy on the go

  • Whether you're heading to a business meeting or any distinguished events...Actively engaged in sports activities, indulging in leisure shopping or having fun at a concert...You could also be relaxing, chilling by the beach, drinking your favorite cocktail while appreciating the fine moments in life...Anyone can use ZERO DEGREE to suit the lifestyle, at any time you want.